Historic Parks

Explore Jacksonville's Natural Wonders

The Riverside Avondale Historic District boasts 26 parks, covering more than 75 acres.

Dig in to learn more about these little pieces of nature in your own backyard.

Adams Park

3419 Riverside Ave.

This .08-acre triangular median is located in the historic Avondale section at 3419 Riverside Ave., at the intersection of Edgewood Ave. and Oak St. In...

Belvedere Parks #1 and #2

1400 Block of Riverside Ave.

Located at 1300/1400 blocks of Belvedere, these two small parks (.32 acres) are close to Lee High School. No information has been located about the...

Boone Park (North and South)

3700 Park St., 3725 St. Johns Ave.

This 30-acre park is located at 3700 Park Street in the Avondale area. The north and south park areas are divided by Herschel Street, with...

Cherry Street Park

1898 Cherry St.

This little over half-acre neighborhood park is nestled at the end of Cherry St. in Avondale. Very little is known about the park other than...

Edgewood Parks #1, #2 and #3

Edgewood Ave. & Park St., Edgewood Ave. & Remington St., Edgewood Ave. & Avondale Ave.

A total of almost 4 acres along Edgewood Avenue south, these areas are islands of green space surrounded by homes on one side and Edgewood...

Elizabeth Park

1886 Elizabeth Place

Located at 1886 Elizabeth Place, it is a small Park nestled against the St. Johns River; it is located at the end of the street...

Fishweir Park

3925 Valencia Rd.

Fishweir Park is located at 3925 Valencia Road in the Avondale section of southwest Jacksonville, and takes its name from nearby Fishweir Creek. The Park’s...

Hollywood Park

1200 Block of Hollywood Ave.

Located at 1200 block of Hollywood Avenue, this .22 acre passive pocket Park is off the narrow northern end of the street. No information has...

James & Downing Park

1061 James St.

The .14 acre James and Downing Park is located at 1061 James Street in the Riverside section of west Jacksonville, bounded by Selma and Downing...

John Gorrie Dog Park (in Riverside Park)

753 Riverside Ave.

The John Gorrie Dog Park at 831 College Street, is located at the northwest corner of Riverside Park. It was opened to the public in...

John Murray Forbes Park

2700 St. Johns Ave.

John Murray Forbes’ Park is a three block (.18 acre) at 1881 Powell Place, a secluded riverfront promenade, tucked away behind Riverside’s Ascension St. Vincent’s...

Little Van Wert Park

Little Van Wert & Richmond St.

A small greenspace purchased by the City in 1921, is located at Little Van Wert Street, at the St. Johns River. Not outfitted by the...

Memorial Park

1620 Riverside Ave.

There is much available history on this 5.85 acre Park at 160 Riverside Ave. The most famous of Jacksonville parks, there are many important facts...

Native Parks #1 and #2

Park St. & Avondale Ave.

The two Native Parks located at 3312 Park St. at Avondale Ave, are .36 acre of set aside green space. This park designation was part...

Northbank Riverwalk Artist Square (Arts Market)

729 Riverside Ave.

The Riverside Arts Market (RAM) is located at 729 Riverside Ave. and is a weekly arts-and-crafts market featuring live music, food, art, and fresh produce....

Peace Memorial Park

1515 Mallory St.

Peace Memorial Park is .64 of an acre, located at 1515 Mallory Park, in the Riverside section of Jacksonville, across from the Willow Branch Library....

Riverside High School Pool

1200 S. McDuff Ave.

The pool is located at 1200 S. McDuff Avenue at Riverside High School (formally Robert E. Lee High School). In the early 1980s, the Riverside...

Riverside Park

753 Riverside Ave.

The city’s second oldest Jacksonville Park (Hemming Park is the oldest), the 11.4 acres Riverside Park is located at 753 Park St. The history of...

Stone Park

1200 Block of Lechlade St.

A neighborhood pocket Park (.26 acre), is located off of Roosevelt Blvd at 1200 block of Lechlade Street. The land was once part of a...

Willow Branch Park

2870 Sydney St.

Acquired by the City in 1916 with the intention to provide recreation space further out in the neighborhood. This 15.61 acre Park is located along...

Willow Branch Rose Garden Park

2840 Park St.

Willowbranch Rose Garden Park (.7 acre) is located at 2840 Park Street, in Riverside between Mallory St. and Azalea Terrace, across from Willowbranch Park. In...

Windsor Place

Cul-de-sac on Windsor Place

This Avondale .23 acre green space is located at the cul-de-sac at the end of Windsor Place and is near Robert E. Lee High School....

Yacht Basin Park (Mom’s Park)

2941 St. Johns Ave.

Located at 2941 St Johns Avenue in Riverside/Avondale on the west bank of Willow Branch Creek as it enters the St. Johns River, this .65...


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If you have additional information, please contact Riverside Avondale Preservation.


Along with Riverside Avondale’s historic architecture, tree canopy, and unique shopping and entertainment vibe, the area is even better because of our parks. The City of Jacksonville maintains these 26 parks along with more than 350 others in the city. Additional help from volunteers is essential to preserve and improve their natural beauty. All over Riverside Avondale, volunteers pick up litter, gather fallen limbs, and plant flowers and trees in their neighborhood parks.

Maybe an hour…maybe a day…all our parks could use some LOVE!