About Our Committees

Much of the work Riverside Avondale Preservation does takes place within our many committees. We have Board Committees, Standing Committees, Event Committees and more. And, we’d love you to join us! If you are a current member of RAP and interested in helping in any of these committees, email to inquire about openings and more.

Standing Committees


The Zoning Committee and Historic Preservation Committee meet together. The monthly agenda covers Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission agenda items, Planning Commission agenda, zoning notices, and neighborhood concerns. Our committee will meet with developers, businesses, or residents, to discuss issues impacting the community — mitigating tension where available. Committee members attend the monthly Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission meetings and speak to precedent setting decisions regarding exterior changes to properties in the district. When necessary, we participate at the Special Magistrate hearings on code enforcement issues or with the Planning Commission. At times, the committee may pull together specialists to speak to historic preservation elements in the community as a workshop or public meeting.

Members: Jeff Lane – Co-Chair (Architect), Autumn Martinage – Co-Chiar (Urban Planner), Eric Davidson (Communications Manager), Jeff Lane (Architect), Jeff Rood (Real Estate Attorney), Nathalie Mockler (Realtor, Architect), Amit Vaswani (Architect)

Governance: Jeff Graff, Chair
Finance: Alysa Carmichael, Chair
Engagement: Gillian Dagan, Chair


Transportation & Infrastructure

The Transportation & Infrastructure Committee has 3 focus areas for 2024: 1. Streets, Cars & Busses; 2. Flooding, Drainage, & Resiliency; 3. Biking. For Streets, Cars, & Busses, our goal is to maintain our historic street grid and advance and enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility. In Flooding & Drainage, our goal is to use local expertise to monitor city projects and provide awareness of safety information in advance of storm events. For biking, our goal is to enhance and improve biking access in Riverside and Avondale. This committee meets monthly and discusses an agenda of relevant updates and information on each topic including roadway improvements and CIP projects.

Members: Andrew Bilello (Bridge Engineer) – Chair, Kellen Lindsey (Civil Engineer), Scott Ennis (Engineer), Robert Turnage (Engineer), Brooks Andrews (Chemical Engineer-retired), Adam Storm (Transportation), Thomas Killoy – Bike/Ped Lead (Honeypot Collective)

Flooding, Drainage, Resiliency Task Force Members: Kellen Lindsey – Chair (Civil Engineer), Scott Ennis (Engineer), Gillian Dagan (Scientist), Dr. Chau Kelly (Professor of History), Kyle Watson (Water Resources Engineer)


The Parks Committee keeps track of park improvement projects and advocates for park amenities. We’ve developed a team of Parks Stewards that serve as the eyes and ears of our 26 parks and numerous other public spaces in the neighborhood. The Stewards help with the two annual cleanups in March and September and bring attention to any issues or community concerns happening in our parks. The Parks Committee receives the proceeds from the annual Riverside Avondale Preservation Garden Tour which creates a fund for Park enhancements and improvements.

Members: Pamela Telis – Chair (retired Civil Engineer), Alexandria Rudnik (Community Impact Manager), Reed Hawkins (Realtor)

Creative Placemaking Steering Committee

RAP’s Creative Placemaking Committee intends to elevate the physical and social character of our neighborhood through the creation and promotion of arts, artists, and cultural activities. Our focus in 2024 is the creation of a micro strategic plan and Report Card for public spaces. The committee also serves as a sounding board for ideas from local artists in supporting new projects.

Members: Sondra Fetner (Placemaker), Kyle Musser (Development Strategist), Stephanie Freeman (Resident & Consultant), Eduardo Santos (Downtown Jax), Elena, Ohlander (Artist), Aimee Hererra (Artist & Public Affairs), Kady Yellow (Placemaker), Brittany Turner (Banker), Yanira Cardona (Hispanic Outreach Coordinator), Shawana Brooks (Artist, Exec. Director of Moving the Margins), Brittany Nazario (Marketing)

Riverside Arts Market Advisory Committee

The Riverside Arts Market meets quarterly with its Advisory Committee to review high -level activity at the market. The Advisory Committee is made up of community members and RAM makers and artists to give a unique perspective on the trajectory of the market.

Members: Brent Fine – Chair (Special Events), Sondra Fetner (Placemaker), Caron Streibich (Communications Manager), Crystal Israel (RAM Vendor), Jaycel Adkins (RAM Vendor), Noel Michael (RAM Vendor) and Kathleen Hill (RAM Vendor).

Friends of the Labyrinth

The Friends of the Labyrinth at Peace Park is a grassroots citizen committee formed in partnership with the City of Jacksonville and the Riverside Avondale Preservation. The objective is to build and install a labyrinth at the Peace Memorial Rose Garden in historic Riverside. The purpose of this park is to help enhance the history of the park and to create an interactive meditative environment for the community to enjoy. Learn more about the project here.  Phase 1 funds have been raised, with an expected construction date in 2024. Phase 2, monogram brick sales, has begun.

Members: Hazel Cleary (Retired Executive), Ruth Thompson (Beekeeper), Ann Burt (Retired Accountant), Ladd Roberts (Landscape Architect with Landwise Design)

Cultural Trail

The Riverside Avondale Cultural Trail is a concept project that will enhance needed wayfinding for the Riverside Arts Market, Shared Use Path (SUP), Memorial Park, and 5 Points corridor with technology. The Cultural Trail will utilize a series of markers and guideposts to lead participants along one of the most culturally rich sections of Jacksonville, highlighting history, art, video, poetry and more. The trail converges with the Emerald Trail for a segment along Riverside Avenue.

Members: Brooks Andrews, Chair (Retired Engineer), Sondra Fetner (Placemaker), Melody Bishop (Architect), Rick Pariani (Landscape Architect), Brandi Matthews (Leadership Manager), Wayne Wood and Lana Shuttleworth (Historian and Artist), Allegra Cagigas (Insurance & Realtor), Victor Joudi (Business Owner). Many subcommittees are also active including Content Curation, Design & Construction, and Marketing & Branding.

Buckland House Master Plan

Originally designed by Landscape Architect Rick Pariani, the concept for the landscape of the Buckland House includes a reduction in impervious surface via removal of a portion of the parking lot, tree planting and native landscaping with a wet detention area, and the expansion of the office via a covered patio porch that seats up to 24 for meetings and workshops in a more private setting. In addition, the backyard offers a seating lawn for up to 100 people for programs and space for public art and further preserves the building. The project kicked off in May 2024 with a generous matching gift from the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville and the City of Jacksonville. Project completion expected by October 2025.

Members: Glenn Chandler (General Contractor), Angela Schifanella (Architect)

Event Committees

Annual Meeting & Preservation Awards

This committee helps plan our annual meeting, preparing the agenda, speakers, program, and invitations. The committee also creates the juries that select Service and Preservation award winners. The event is held on the third Thursday in February.

Home Tour

This committee plans our signature event, the Tour of Homes. This event is the pinnacle of our mission, celebrating successful restoration and rehabilitation while showcasing historic architecture. We feature the architects, builders, craftsman and designers who bring a home together, and gain insight into how to restore each individual property. The event often includes a preview party we call “Twilight Party” the same week. In 2024 the Home Tour is planned for April 13-14, and Twilight is April 11, 2024.

Members: Jane Owen – Chair (Realtor), Joy Walker (Realtor), Kyle Williams (Realtor), Michelle Walsh (Designer), Louise Vantartwijk (Writer), Victoria St. Clair (Realtor), Lisa Lisa Ly Nguyen (Realtor), Debi Pyne (retired Facilities Manager), Warren Jones (former RAP Executive Director), Diamond Deazle (Realtor, Marketing & Communications)

Garden Tour

This committee plans our annual Garden Tour, which opens wide-ranging yards and gardens for the neighborhood to gain insight and ideas. It is best to have a green thumb on this committee, but not a necessity! This event is planned for May 11, 2024. Committee members help develop the tour list, solicit sponsors, plan activities, coordinate with homeowners, and market the event.

Members: Judy Matheny (Investigator), Nick Salter (Realtor), Bruce Musser (Business Owner), Daria Wicks (Master Gardener), Patti Stanford, Diamond Deazle (Realtor), Alex Gornik (Plant Consultant)


Luminaria is a community event that brings thousands of onlookers into our historic district. On one night of the year, usually the Sunday before Christmas at dusk, thousands of candles are lit as lanterns and placed along the sidewalks, streets, park pathways, and porches creating an unsurpassed light show. The committee helps with volunteer coordination and assembly, kit sales, delivery to parks and churches, sponsorship and marketing. Event date TBA in 2024. 

Music Tour

The inaugural Music Tour is aimed at showcasing different periods of history in our neighborhood. The event will highlight music written or created here, musicians from here, or music today influenced by the neighborhood and its people. Mark your calendar for October 12, 2024. The event will be walkable and is centered around Willowbranch Park. 

Members: Daria Wicks (Caregiver), Bob Benoit (Music Production), Deb McDuffie (Creative Director at Ritz Theatre), Mitch Hemann (Archivist at Ritz Theatre), Alexandra Rudnick (Community Impact Manager), Ryan Ried (Librarian, Musician), Ron Rothberg (Art Bikes Jax, Amplified Avondale), Mahaley Jacobs (Event Production)