Architectural Gems


From grand examples of Colonial Revival mansions to ubiquitous yet functional bungalows and exotic residences that defy singular classification, Riverside Avondale’s eclectic mix of architectural styles is unparalleled among neighborhoods in the Southeast.

In an effort to preserve Jacksonville’s historic resources in 1974 the Jacksonville Historical and Cultural Conservation Commission began an inventory of historic sites that was completed by the Jacksonville Historic Landmarks Commission a few years later in a comprehensive report. Unfortunately, many of these sites are gone including a majestic row of mansions on Riverside Avenue from Margaret Street to Forrest Street.


The Commission developed a priority list of historical landmarks for preservation. In Riverside and Avondale 15 sites were awarded the highest priority of four stars because they had, “Great significance to the city and warrants the maximum preservation efforts.” Riverside Avondale Preservation founder, Dr. Wayne Wood, compiled the Commission’s work into a seminal book, Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage – Landmarks For The Future. We thank him for the use of his words and photographs on this website. See all fifteen Riverside Avondale four-star sites here and more!

Bryson Residence

1704 Avondale Avenue

Due to its prominent location, the “Marble House” has been one of the most well-known symbols of Avondale’s elegance since the time of its completion....

Martha Washington Hotel

1636 King Street

At the time of its construction in 1911, this three-story Colonial Revival house was one of the largest mansions in “Riverside Annex,” as the area...

Jaudon Residence

2793 Lydia Street

This house on Lydia is typical of vernacular farmhouses found on North Florida’s plantations at the time of the Civil War, where life was generally...

Park Lane Apartments

1846 Margaret Street

The sixteen-story Park Lane was Riverside’s first high-rise building and caused quite a stir when it was built in 1926. It towered over Memorial Park...

Drs. Love & McGinnis Residence

2063 Oak Street

Capturing a Venetian flavor, this striking building is Klutho’s best Mediterranean-Revival design. Its five-sided configuration takes advantage of its prominent corner location. The main entrance...

Arthur Gilkes Residence

2160 Oak Street

Arthur Gilkes was one of Jacksonville’s most prominent architects when he designed this Tudor-style house for his family in 1903. It originally had a circular...


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