Historic Parks

Little Van Wert Park

Little Van Wert & Richmond St.

Water View

A small greenspace purchased by the City in 1921, is located at Little Van Wert Street, at the St. Johns River. Not outfitted by the City as other parks, the area is open during daylight hours and closed at sundown. The charming area is surrounded by trees with a scenic view of the St. Johns River, and provides public access to the River.

In June 2015, the City Council heard a petition from owners of adjacent properties who requested that the City close this public access to the St. Johns River. Their complaints were that criminal activities frequently occurred at the site. Other citizens were concerned that closing it would be a troubling precedent, as the public has a right to access the St. Johns River. The decision is outlined in City Ordinance 2015-360, wherein the petition was waived.


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