Historic Parks

Peace Memorial Park

1515 Mallory St.

Peace Memorial Park is .64 of an acre, located at 1515 Mallory Park, in the Riverside section of Jacksonville, across from the Willow Branch Library.

In 1916, the site was part of the City’s initial 13-acre purchase for the land to create Willow Branch Park. The Garden Club of Jacksonville conceived of the idea for planting the site with peace roses in 1950, as a symbol of “world peace” following World War II. After the City’s planting of 200 rose bushes, the Park was dedicated in April 1951 and widely acclaimed for its beauty and charm.

Sadly, there is no longer support for the former rose gardens, rather, there exists an open expanse of lawn, a few venerable trees, and a single bench. Two stone markers placed on the grounds in 1958 and 1960, by chapters of the American War Mothers, offer reminders of the inspiration that led to the Park’s creation.


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