Herschel St./St. Johns Ave. Improvement Project Moves Forward


The RAP Transportation & Infrastructure Committee continues to monitor the status of several projects, including FDOT improvements to Herschel St. (SR 211) from Melrose Ave. to Geraldine St. and to St. Johns Ave. from Herschel to Canterbury St.

FDOT first began to consider improvements in the area several years ago. RAP facilitated multiple meetings with FDOT, Fishweir Elementary School parents, neighbors and other stakeholders. The addition of the RiverVue apartments, increased business activity, as well as families taking their children to Fishweir School has increased the walking and biking traffic. Safety has been a growing concern.

The project, which is now scheduled to be underway in early 2022, will:

  • Replace the traffic signals at two Herschel St. intersections (Geraldine St. north of Fishweir Creek and St. Johns Ave. south of Woodmere) with roundabouts
  • Eliminate the traffic signal at Woodmere
  • Allow right turns only at Woodmere
  • Add sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Include clearly defined bike lanes
  • Add parking spaces

Roundabouts improve pedestrian safety by slowing traffic and providing a refuge island in the median that allows pedestrians to focus on just one direction at a time when crossing a street.

While some have questioned the elimination of traffic signals, the continuous flow of traffic through the roundabouts is expected to reduce travel times even though traffic will be moving more slowly.

The new sidewalks, crosswalks and bicycle lanes will contribute to a more pedestrian and bicyclist safe area. Also, the addition of parking spaces along Herschel will help relieve some of the restaurant/business overflow parking that is being experienced by adjacent neighborhoods.

The FDOT plan was first presented at a public hearing early in 2020. On July 15th FDOT hosted an information session for the public. FDOT will host a final information session in December. RAP will keep residents posted.