Riverside Avondale Preservation Awards 2022

Riverside Avondale Preservation is pleased to honor individuals, organizations and businesses within our historic district that exemplify outstanding achievement in historic preservation and the welcoming and inclusive nature of our neighborhoods.

There are two award categories: Design & Construction Awards and Services Awards.

Design & Construction Awards

Design Awards are open to built projects of all sizes and classifications including new construction, historic preservation, additions, remodeling, renovations, adaptive reuse, landscaping and interiors.

The purpose is to celebrate the excellent work of builders, designers, craftsmen and homeowners who preserve and enhance the beauty and integrity of our district.

To nominate a project, you will need the contact information, location, a description of the project, photos including before and after (if possible) and plans.

Click here to nominate a Design & Construction Project!

Service Awards

Service Awards are presented to projects, programs or people that have improved our neighborhood in 2021. This awards recognizes acts of service and philanthropy by individuals, businesses and organizations. We recognize a range of activities from a small act of neighborliness up to large programs of stewardship and patronage.

To nominate a project you will need names, and address if applicable, a description for why you are submitting a nomination and photos if applicable.

Judges reviewed each nomination this year with an eye toward how the nominee reflected RAP’s Core Principles:

  • Preserving and promoting the historic fabric.
  • Supporting vibrant, independent, local businesses.
  • Supporting quality of life improvements.
  • Honoring our community.
  • Promoting respectful, mutually-beneficial relationships.

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