The second session of the 2024 Summertime Historic Homeowner Workshop Series, “Caring for Your Historic Home,” was a great success! Lots of homeowners in the historic district, whether they had just bought their home or have had it for over 20 years, were able to ask those burning questions to our panel of preservation experts! Held on June 27th at Riverside Church at Park and King, this event, in partnership with Cowford Realty and Design, featured four panelists answering the most popular questions for those owning or restoring a historic home.

Jeff and Christina Starmer, CEOs of CenterBeam Construction, shared their extensive experience with historic properties. Jeff emphasized the importance of regular maintenance and inspecting hidden areas like walls and crawl spaces to prevent major issues. Alongside him, Christina also highlighted the need to check doors and windows to avoid water intrusion and advised on addressing foundational problems. They shared their expansive knowledge about restored homes in the area and so did the panelists beside them.

Our third panelist, Mark Riccaboni from Southern Brothers Inspections stressed the importance of understanding the construction of historic homes as he told the homeowners that old homes are, in fact, better than new homes! He also spoke about the Dos and Don’ts of fixing home humidity and how moisture can actually move through floorboards. 

Angel Corrales of Corrales Artisans & Consultants, our fourth panelist of the evening, told the audience his unique story about how he became involved in his business. He also emphasized addressing water intrusion issues promptly and maintaining historic windows before it’s too late. His biggest talking point of the night was sharing his experience in handling plumbing and electrical updates for older homes. One of his key pieces of advice about historic homes as a whole is to, “Maintain before you restore,” he said.

Many connections were made after a hearty Q&A at the end of the panelist discussion and questions were answered all night long at this workshop! We owe a big thank you to all four of our panelists for the evening. Their expansive knowledge and expertise filled the room! Don’t forget the next and final two sessions in our series, “The 4-Point and Homeowners Insurance” and “River Friendly Yards, Plants and Trees” where we’ll continue to provide valuable insights and connect with fellow homeowners. Register to attend these events on July 11th and 25th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Riverside Church at Park and King. Light food and drinks will also be provided at this event thanks to European Street Cafe and Riverside Liquors. These events would not be possible without our sponsors. Thank you Cowford Realty and Celtic Construction Services, for partnering with us, and Riverside Church at Park and King for hosting!