Election Day Is Almost Here! A Message from Candidates for District 7 Voters and Voting Information

As a resident of Riverside Avondale, you know how important it is to have a fierce advocate working toward the betterment of our community in local government. Some of the most beloved spots in the neighborhood can be attributed to the hard work of our former councilmembers including: the Riverside Arts Market (RAM), the Riverside Avondale Community Garden, John Gorrie Dog Park, the Shared-Use Path (sUP), parks and green spaces, commercial district improvements, and more.

With election day just days away (MAY 16!), this is a reminder to GO VOTE! We hope that everyone in the district will get involved and make their voices heard at the ballot box next week. For information about your current voter registration status, where to vote, and more visit the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website.

Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP), the lead advocate and facilitator for Riverside Avondale’s historic neighborhoods, vibrant commercial districts, public spaces, and welcoming community, reached out to each candidate on Tuesday’s ballot* to find out if they had a message for District 7 voters. Here is what they shared with you!

Daniel Davis, Mayoral Candidate




“I grew up on the Westside as the youngest of five. We didn’t have much, but we had food on the table and the things that mattered – we had faith and each other. My dad was a pastor and growing up in church taught me the value of community. I learned that no one should go it alone, no one should go hungry, and no one should go without a warm place to lay their head. That is the definition of community. My parents taught us the value of an honest day’s work. On Saturdays, the lawnmower was our alarm clock. We’d spend the day doing yard work and other jobs around the house. As a teenager, I’d earn extra money building swimming pools and parking cars at the Omni Hotel. One thing was obvious to me even then – anything is possible. This isn’t just my story – it’s a story so many of us share. It’s the Jacksonville story and it’s what’s at stake in our next election. Access to opportunities and the pathway to prosperity for all is what I am fighting to preserve for every Jacksonville family in every neighborhood.”

Donna Deegan, Mayoral Candidate




“I’d like to encourage everyone in the truly amazing Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods to get out and exercise your right to vote. One of my priorities is focusing on Jacksonville’s wonderful historic neighborhoods and small business districts. Together, we’ll create healthy and safe neighborhoods, become more resilient with better drainage, and ensure every person has a shot at a good quality of life. Riverside Avondale Preservation has provided the city with so many pioneering examples of how to do things right, and shown how community pride, leadership, and involvement are gamechangers. You have my commitment to work as no other Mayor has for our historic neighborhoods and small businesses. I’m grateful for all that you’ve done. I believe that anything is possible if we put aside the politics of division and fear, unite our city, and have each other’s backs. I’m asking for your vote by May 16 so we can build a city that works for all of us and bring Change for Good to Jacksonville. Thank you.”

Joseph Hogan, City Council District 7 Candidate





“Jacksonville’s newly drawn City Council District 7 is rich in history and diversity. Our district encompasses multiple historic districts and is home to a vibrant population. Preserving the unique charm of our neighborhoods is crucial, and I’m committed to working alongside the community to achieve this. As your Councilmember, I’ll prioritize making mindful decisions that consider the impact on our district. Balancing the maintenance of our aging infrastructure with the preservation of our assets and efficient use of taxpayer dollars is essential. District 7 offers a blend of residential areas, commercial districts, museums, parks, green spaces, educational institutions, and serves as the heart of our city’s government. With our district’s distinct needs, I aim to be a strong advocate for our community. Having grown up here and raising my family in this district, I deeply care about our well-being. I’ll strive to protect our neighborhoods, safeguard our tax dollars, and ensure a clean and safe environment for families to thrive. I’m humbled by the opportunity to represent District 7. I kindly request your vote for JOSEPH HOGAN on May 16th. Together, let’s build a brighter future for our community.”

Jimmy Peluso, City Council District 7 Candidate



“Hello neighbors! My name is Jimmy Peluso, a proud RAP member and advocate for our historic district. Jacksonville is one of the oldest cities in Florida but finding neighborhoods like ours is hard to come by.

If this campaign has taught me anything, it’s that our residents want their neighborhoods to thrive and succeed the way we have. If we can successfully push our government to respect our historical streets and alleys, while investing in proper drainage systems and parks then we will truly see results we can all be proud of. Riverside Avondale is a template for such success in our city, but we can’t be complacent or allow our commercial districts to become run down or ignored.

As a naval officer, I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to these problems. However, I also know how to be involved, how to work with our merchants, and how to ensure we have the necessary resources available to promote local businesses and allow them to thrive.

I love our city and I cherish living in a community that wants to be involved while building real, personal and civic relationships. To be your next Councilmember would be an enormous honor.”




*each candidate on the ballot for Mayor, District 7 Council Member, and Duval Property Appraiser was sent an invitation to send a max 200-word statement to the RAP membership with a photo with a deadline. Thank you to each candidate for quickly responding.