RAP was formed in 1974 to prevent demolition and protect the historic fabric of this neighborhood, which began with advocacy, continued with public policy, and requires sustained education. Our Summertime Homeowner Workshop Series is aimed at answering the most common questions we receive from current and prospective homeowners. Come learn about Caring for your Historic Home, Insurance and the 4 Point Inspection, and Yards, Trees, and Landscapes. Further, visit our website to watch full recordings from last year’s event. Remember the “Do I need a COA?” videos we produced? This year we are excited to bring our newest video focused on Buying and Selling a historic home. Visit riversideavondale.org.

Did you know that community support is the driving force behind our thriving community? As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, I am reflecting on the impactful changes we’ve made together, as well as what has stayed the same. We ask for your support today! Help us grow our capacity to keep historic schools open and fuel our advocacy efforts as a member. Together, we can make Riverside Avondale even better!

With your support, here’s what we’ve accomplished so far…

50th Anniversary Home Tour: We enjoyed beautiful weather and record attendance, with nearly 2,500 people exploring the unique architecture of our neighborhood’s homes. This event showcased the charm of the community, making it a coveted place to live, dine, and socialize.

Yarden Tour: The 4th annual “Yarden Tour” raised $10,000 for investment in our neighborhood parks. Thanks to your support, 100% of ticket sales will go directly back into our shared gardens, ecosystems and landscapes.

Creative Placemaking: Our Creative Placemaking Steering Committee identified five impactful projects that will be shared with the community this summer. Our Creative Placemaking Specialist Kandice Clark attended the International Placemaking Week conference and is collaborating with national and regional professionals to bring these creative projects to life.

Riverside Arts Market

(Yes, this is run by RAP too!)

The Riverside Arts Market is more than just a hub for local entrepreneurs and artists; it’s a Saturday destination for the best of Jacksonville’s music, food, arts and culture. We continue to seek out the best local farmers and craftspeople while expanding our cause-based theme days. Our most successful event this year was the Jacksonville Bar Association Young Lawyers Chili Cookoff, which attracted more than 8,000 attendees.

Congrats to Chloe Kuhn, the current Market Manager who will become the Market Director, following the retirement of John Silvera after 8 years.

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What’s Next?


This year, we celebrate our neighborhood’s rich musical history with the inaugural Music Tour, focusing on Willowbranch Park. Homeowners and business owners will share stories of our past through performances and memorabilia.


After 24 months of fundraising, we hope to break ground at Peace Memorial Rose Garden Park in 2024. The proposal to build a 40-foot stone labyrinth is fully funded. You can still purchase a signature brick to line the pathway to fund amenities and landscaping at folpeacepark.org.


Your support for these initiatives and more fuels our work and our focus on making our neighborhood a destination for preserving history, supporting independent businesses, and investing in our community.

We hope you will show support through a membership today. Together, we can achieve even more and continue to enhance the Riverside Avondale community.

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