If you missed the chance to attend the first session of our 2024 Summertime Historic Homeowner Workshop Series, don’t worry! Here’s a recap of what you missed at the first session, “The Architecture & History of Riverside Avondale.” This four-part event is designed to bring neighbors of a local historic district together, providing a platform to share information, ask burning questions, and celebrate the historic fabric of our homes.

Kicking off the series was Wayne Wood, one of the founders of the RAP and an instrumental figure in local historic preservation efforts. He presented “The Story of RAP: How We Almost Lost the Neighborhood” at Riverside Church at Park and King. Attendees discovered how Riverside fought to preserve its architecture in 1974 amidst widespread demolition. Wood not only spoke of his grandparent’s home, a previous boarding house, but he also shared fascinating insights about “The Row,” discussing the amazing houses that once stood there, the boundaries of Riverside and Avondale, and the shopping malls that were proposed but never built due to successful preservation efforts. After Wayne finished the story of the creation of RAP, local architect Angela Schifanella took over to share with the audience the specific architectural styles found in Riverside Avondale.

Angela Schifanella, architect and graduate from the School of Design at Harvard University, specializing in residential design, has been deeply involved in preservation issues, including serving as a board member of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission. She presented “What Style is Your House?” focusing on the revival styles prevalent in traditional neighborhoods built in the 1920s. Attendees learned about their architectural styles, such as Bungalow, Queen Anne, Roman buildings, English Classicism, and Georgian, highlighting the symmetry, origins, and distinctive features of each style.

We can not thank our speakers for this event enough, and we are so excited to continue the series with even more! On Thursday, June 27th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Riverside Church at Park and King, we will begin our second session of the 2024 Summertime Historic Homeowner Workshop Series, “Caring For Your Historic Home.” Just like the first one, drinks, and light food will be provided by European Street Cafe and Riverside Liquors. Don’t miss this chance to connect with fellow homeowners, learn from experts, and celebrate the historic charm of our community. Register today and be part of this enriching experience! This event would not be possible without our sponsors. Thank you Cowford Realty and Celtic Construction Services, for partnering with us, and Riverside Church at Park and King for hosting!