Business Members and Sponsors

Living, working, visiting, and playing in the Riverside Avondale historic district is a special experience.

It is a neighborhood planned for walkability, integrated commercial areas and numerous parks. Historic homes and buildings are constructed with details not often found today. And, each one has a story to tell.

You are invited to partner with Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) to preserve, promote, advocate and celebrate this dynamic neighborhood. Respecting the fine balance between preservation and progress, join RAP in the preservation of our neighborhood’s historic fabric and unique character, economic viability and thriving community.

As a Business Member, you will be included in our list of Businesses in the district which includes a link to your website. As a Business Partner, you will also be included in our Annual Report and be contacted for other media and advertising promotions throughout the year. Both Business Members and Business Partners will receive an annual membership decal and will begin receiving bi-weekly E-newsletters with current information on neighborhood happenings.


Lead the way for preservation and progress. Your partnership enables RAP to further initiatives that improve and maintain the quality of life in the historic district such as collaboration and support of architecture, local businesses, drainage and flood control, pedestrian and bike-friendly projects, advocacy for appropriate zoning and land use, promotion and improvement of parks and green spaces, and community engagement. Enable cherished traditions and build new ones. People come from across the area for the Home Tour and Luminaria and new events like the Garden Tour. For details, contact Executive Director, Shannon Blankinship.


  • A weekly market featuring over 100 artists, makers, and farmers.
  • Every Saturday, an estimated 200,000 visitors per year


  • Luminaria brings neighbors together as they walk along candle-lit sidewalks to socialize with friends.
  • December 2024, an estimated 15,000 participants


  • A celebration of Jacksonville’s architectural history with Riverside and Avondale’s National Historic Registered neighborhoods.
  • April 13-14, 2024, an estimated 3,000 visitors


  • Draw inspiration from a variety of gardens in the historic district. From manicured landscaping to wild and natural, there are gardens for all tastes.
  • May 11, 2024, an estimated 1,500 visitors