Bryson Residence

1704 Avondale Avenue

Date: 1927-28
Architects: Mark & Sheftall
Builder: Walter J. Bryson

Due to its prominent location, the “Marble House” has been one of the most well-known symbols of Avondale’s elegance since the time of its completion. It is an interesting variation of the Mediterranean Revival style, with classical elements such as the ornate entrance porch and a balustrade across the terrace. The most unusual feature of the house is its exterior veneer, which is marble quarried in Georgia.

Most of the ornamentation on the main facade is also marble, including the cartouches that flank the upstairs balcony, the arched bas-relief panels over the French doors, and the frieze on the entry porch. The residence was originally built at a cost of over $70,000 for contractor Walter Bryson, who had to sell the house shortly after completion due to the “crash” at the end of the Florida Land Boom. However, his son was able to buy the house back fifteen years later and lived there for many years.


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