Assisted Living Facility Proposed for St. John's Avenue

Original Story: April 13, 2020


The Riverside Avondale Zoning Committee met with Janis Fleet, agent for the proposed independent elderly housing for this property. (Housing for the Elderly is the zoning code term for this kind of use.) The property is zoned RMD-D (medium density residential), which allows the independent housing use, but the applicant is requesting an Administration Deviation (AD) from city planning staff. The requested AD would reduce required parking from 8 (2 spaces per room/unit, 16 rooms/units) to 0.

The property is located at the northwest corner of St. Johns Avenue and James Street. The structure on the property contains approximately 10,500 square feet on two floors and a basement.

It was constructed in 1924 and was last used as an assisted living facility with 27 rooms. The structure has been vacant since 2009 and appears to be in good structural condition.

The property is zoned RMD-D and has a Future Land Use Map designation of MDR. There is no parking on the site.

The proposed development is to renovate the structure into "Housing for the Elderly," a permitted use in the zoning district. The structure would be redeveloped for no more than 16 independent  living units, with dining and activities provided for the residents. It is hoped that the residents of the facility will be seniors currently residing in the Riverside Avondale area or family members of residents of the Riverside Avondale area.

An Administrative Deviation for parking will need to be approved to allow for the adaptive reuse and renovation of the property for senior housing. The Administrative Deviation will request to reduce the off-street parking requirement to 0.

The owner is researching options to provide off-site parking but would like to proceed with the Administrative Deviation and renovation of the property while trying to locate the alternate parking site.

We welcome your input, suggestions, and concerns, and would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Email RAP at or call us at 904-389-2449. RAP does not make any recommendations of support or denial to the City until neighborhood outreach is accomplished. Agent Janis Fleet can also be reached at  or 904-666-7038. You can also access the City's Planning Commission website at and the Historic Preservation Commission website at