What is the difference between Riverside Avondale Preservation, the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission, and the Jacksonville Historical Society?

Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) is the lead advocate and facilitator for Riverside Avondale's historic neighborhoods, vibrant local commercial districts, public spaces, and welcoming community.  We are a nonprofit agency that serves as a liaison between neighborhood residents, businesses, and the City to ensure that our neighborhood is preserved, promoted, and celebrated.  While we are an important voice for the district, we do not have final decision-making power.

For more information about RAP's role, please see here.

The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is part of the City of Jacksonville's Planning Department, and is responsible for preserving landmarks and areas in the city that have been designated as historic.  The Commission has developed a set of guidelines for alterations made to historic properties, and all alterations must be approved by the Commission via the Certificate of Appropriateness process.  The Commission also identifies potential historic sites in the city and makes recommendations to the City Council on designating those sites as historic.

The Jacksonville Historical Society maintains a collection of historical memorabilia for the entire city.  It provides educational programs to the community and also functions in an activist role to preserve endangered landmark buildings in the city.  RAP partners with the Jacksonville Historical Society to store all historical records related to Riverside Avondale in the JHS archives.



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