In 1868, Boston millionaire John Murray Forbes purchased 500 acres of land for $10,000 in gold. He had the land platted in 1869 and named it Riverside.

In the late 1800s, a portion of the Jaudon estate was purchased for residential use and divided it into homestead tracts. In 1920, many of these tracts were developed into an exclusive subdivision called Avondale.

This year, we are honoring the Riverside Avondale legacy by celebrating Riverside's 150th and Avondale's 100th Anniversaries. We hope you'll join us for a year of festivities!

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Events planned for this year include:

Historical Institute Lectures - Dr. Wayne Wood will be presenting an 8 part lecture series on the history of Riverside and Avondale.  Those who attend 5 out of 8 lectures will be considered a graduate of the Riverside Avondale Historical Institute and will receive a diploma and a rear window sticker!

Riverside Avondale Music Festival - Highlighting some of the talented artists who made their start in Jacksonville, the Festival will include afternoon and evening concerts, food, and a beer garden.

Anniversary Gala - Friends of Riverside Avondale can enjoy an elegant evening while also supporting the efforts of RAP to preserve and promote the district’s character and culture.

Garden Tour - Visitors can view and learn more about the neighborhood’s beautiful home gardens.

Park Parties - Neighborhoods can host their own park party with a kit provided by RAP.

Riverside Avondale Birthday Party - RAP will host a family-friendly birthday celebration at Boone Park.

Trees of Distinction - Significant trees throughout the district and property owners will be recognized at local Picnics in the Park.

Signature Events - RAP will continue to host Luminaria, the Home Tour, educational workshops, and community gatherings throughout the year.