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Other Opportunities

Maybe you volunteer annually for Home Tour or Luminaria. Maybe you volunteer weekly at Riverside Arts Market. Maybe you show up when the call goes out for help with a project. Maybe you make decisions as a board or committee member. When we invest our time, our neighborhood thrives as a result.

Why do I volunteer with RAP?

  • RAP’s mission cannot be implemented in a vacuum. It needs the support of the community to be successful. It also requires the tireless work of its volunteers to make sure that the word gets out to the neighbors about what RAP does and why it is important. By having an organization that can be the voice for the residents, it plays an important role in making sure the history of the area is preserved. The volunteers are the people that help keep the mission alive. Without the goodwill of the volunteers, the whole community misses the opportunity to have a strong advocate for when issues arise.

    Andy Beh
  • As one person, it is impossible to make a true impact on preserving the historic beauty of the Riverside Avondale area. However, joining with RAP as a volunteer makes me part of a strong and established non-profit that works very hard and is the face of many local events throughout the year.

    Jeanette Yacoub