The Bucklands

George Buckland built the Buckland House (RAP’s office) in 1913 for his family, including his wife Grace and two daughters, Mary and Charlotte. George’s father Ralph was a lawyer in Ohio, a member of the US House of Representatives, and a colleague of President Rutherford B. Hayes. George had a collection of correspondence at the Buckland House between his father and the President, which was donated to the Hayes Presidential Library in Fremont, Ohio. George left Ohio and moved to Jacksonville in 1908 to work for the gas company. He was known for his weekly column, “Family Pages from the Past” published in the Florida Metropolis newspaper. During their time living in the house, Grace and Mary ran a primary school from the home, which operated through the 1940s. Charlotte was a teacher for the Duval County schools. The house was donated by a cousin of Charlotte and Mary’s to RAP, and in 1991, the Buckland House became RAP headquarters.