Preservation Helps Jax


Did you know our local historic neighborhoods help power the Jax economy? Historic preservation is a major economic engine for our community. Plus, preservation provides more benefits than you might guess.

Preservation Green Lab Comes to Jacksonville

Thanks to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and their Preservation Green Lab team for taking on Jacksonville as one of their latest research projects. Learn more here!

We know our neighborhood is special. We are lucky to have other special neighborhoods in Jacksonville too. Here in Riverside Avondale, we have amazing architecture, tree-lined streets, pedestrian and bike-friendly roads, small and local businesses, access to the river, beautiful parks, and cultural institutions like the Cummer Museum.

But it doesn’t hurt to have our Preservation Partner, the National Trust, back us up on this. Not only are all of our amenities wonderful, they also are good for the environment and residents of our city. And, as mentioned above, they help power the Jacksonville economy and business.

This report gives us lots of great information, such as:

  • We grow the City’s economy. Jacksonville’s historic areas boost the local economy in many ways.
  • Entrepreneurs grow too. Business owners of all backgrounds can get their start in old buildings.
  • You’ll want to eat here. Historic areas of Jacksonville provide the city’s best restaurants. 
  • You stay cooler. There is more shade in Jacksonville’s neighborhoods of older, smaller buildings.
  • Culture is key. Our character-rich historic neighborhoods in Jacksonville provide space for community, cultural, and civic engagement. 
  • Diversity is big. Different generations of Jacksonville residents live together in the city’s older neighborhoods.
  • We are home to a lot of the City. Jacksonville’s blocks of older, smaller, and mixed-age buildings house more residents and offer more housing.

What’s next?

5 PointsWe hope to use this report in the future as we talk to elected officials and advocate for Riverside Avondale and our Citys’ historic neighborhoods. Historic preservation helps make Jacksonville thrive. #ThisPlaceMatters

Download the full report.

Check out Jacksonville’s Fact Sheet.

Header Photo Credit: Preservation Green Lab

Other Photo Credits: Boys From Cherry Street, State of Florida Archives