Historic Preservation Month


May is Historic Preservation Month around the country and a chance for everyone to celebrate the unique buildings, sites, districts and places that are special to them. The national campaign for the month is #ThisPlaceMatters, but here at RAP we celebrate preservation all year!

As RAP’s Executive Director Adrienne Burke notes, “Historic preservation is much more than saving old buildings. Modern preservation efforts are about saving the heart of communities, ensuring vibrant, special places remain full of character. Ultimately, our historic neighborhoods are a reflection of our community and the value we place on it. We are honored to be stewards of this unique treasure, Riverside Avondale, which includes varied architecture, cultural centers like the Cummer Museum and Riverside Arts Market, lush and well-loved parks, tree-lined streets and stunning river views.”

See what we’ve been up to as we celebrate:

Happy Historic Preservation Month! 

Keep Celebrating Preservation Month!